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When you light a Laurel & Vine candle, you can just breathe knowing you are making a choice that is good for you and good for the planet.

Laurel & Vine takes committed, specific actions to ensure sustainable and environmentally conscious crafting by:

    • choosing the highest quality, chic vessels with minimal branding that can be repurposed and seamlessly styled into your space
    • blending only phthalate-free, premium fragrance oils
    • using only paraffin-free wax made of soy and organic coconut, while many makers continue to market candles containing paraffin wax, a highly refined petroleum product, as all natural
    • minimizing the use of plastics by eliminating plastic from Laurel & Vine’s processes
    • shipping and packaging using only recycled and recyclable materials
    • minimizing waste by eliminating disposable packaging
    • sourcing only from suppliers that demonstrate ethical and sustainable manufacturing and sourcing practices
    • utilizing strategic procurement to reduce the use of shipping services and materials
    • partnering with local entrepreneurs for artistic services
    • contributing to carbon offsets with every purchase