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Meet the Founder

Laurel & Vine founder and maker, Stephanie, is a venture capital professional committed to sustainability and clean energy.  After a struggle with infertility, Stephanie became committed to minimizing her family's exposure to hormone disruptors like phthalates.  Laurel & Vine is driven by Stephanie's passion to minimize the impact of life's nice to have's by crafting luxurious and truly sustainable, clean products and practices that are good to our families and good to our planet,     
With a candle always burning in her home as a way to relax or focus, Stephanie was disappointed to find that many of the clean luxury candles in her home were marketed with unclear and misleading descriptions.
Candles crafted with all natural wax blends actually included paraffin wax, a highly refined petroleum product.  Candles described as made with essential oils only contained a very small amount of essential oils blended into conventional fragrance oils that still included phthalates.  
Unable to find a product she was comfortable burning in her home, Stephanie was inspired by the entrepreneurs of the venture capital world that turn passion into action and decided to sustainably craft a clean, conscious, and luxurious candle herself.