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We do luxury better + give back doing it

Supporting the community and planet — it’s our foundation
We believe that the people and world around us make us stronger, better — and most importantly— more connected and alive
That's why it's a Laurel & Vine non-negotiable that 5% of all revenue goes directly to impact non-profits that are doing the hard work and making the difference
Part of the curation process for every collection includes researching non-profits to select the most impactful, efficient, and results oriented organizations that will receive funding from each candle you bring home
Check out some of the organizations we've selected so far —

New York's Billion Oyster Project

Billion Oyster Project New York Harbor Restoration
Laurel & Vine's summer collection, Salt & Sun, was inspired particularly by the power of the ocean  the power to inspire, to heal, to rejuvenate, to purify — for all of the things that pull so many of us to make the pilgrimage to the water.
We've heard so much about many threats to the ocean, however I was stunned to learn of the current state and importance of the NY Harbor Oyster habitat.  I was thrilled to learn of an organization doing really impactful and unique work to restore this essential resource.
That's where the Billion Oyster Project comes in.  If you love your beach days, then you love the ocean.  In New York Harbor, the Project is doing the hard work through educational outreach across New York City, volunteer programs, and Career and Technical Education programs to restore the wiped out oyster habitat that is crucial to hundreds of species and protects the land from greater erosion.  
“We are making progress toward restoring a lost habitat, and motivating a generation of New Yorkers to care about, and for, the ecosystem around them.” -- Pete Malinowski, Executive Director & Co-Founder
Laurel and Vine's humble financial support of the Billion Oyster Project is a token of appreciation for the work and commitment of the Project's teams.  I hope you will take a moment to read about their initiatives.  I'm sure you will find their ambition inspiring as inspiring as I have.


American Ballet Theatre's Crisis Relief Fund

Lincoln Center American Ballet Theatre

5% of all Repertoire revenue supports American Ballet Theatre's Crisis Relief Fund

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, theaters and studios were forced to shut down, leaving artists and staff without a source of income  a story that's become painfully familiar

The ABT Crisis Relief Fund was created to help dancers, support crew, instructors, coaches, and musicians through the financial challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic

We've also been incredibly inspired by the resiliency shown by so many ABT dancers who have dedicated their time and platforms to deliver free ballet classes via social media  an invaluable resource and connection to the young people who also lost or maybe never had access to studios

“Growing up as a young girl in rural Mississippi, it was tough to feel equal, confident, or like I had a place to fit in. Ballet was that place. The studio became my home, and the time spent in the studio was the only time I felt I could belong. This is a small token of my undying appreciation for the ballet community that gave a young girl a place to call home.” 
— Steph, L&V founder